The Map

Maynooth is town full of options when it comes to food. Great restaurants & bars, major supermarkets, shops, cafe’s and takeaways.

With people being so busy with work and family life, it can be difficult to make time to get yourself good food, whether it is when you are on the run, lunch or shopping & cooking at home. Maynooth has plenty to offer so I’m interested in hearing how people manage to cook and eat good food. What places do you rate the best (and worst), what could be better, where do you shop and eat?

Below is a map showing places of interest in Maynooth (it still needs a bit of work so I’ll be updating it. If I miss anything, let me know).


3 thoughts on “The Map

    1. Hey. I just stumbled on this through Facebook and think it’s a great idea!! I’m living in Maynooth about 8 years and while great for eating out, not so much for nice food shopping. However on the map above I see something called “I love organic” is this new? Any website do you know?

      Again. Great idea!

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      1. Not sure how long it’s been there, it’s a small store, I didn’t see any website. It’s got fresh fruit, veg, herbs and a decent rang of organic products. It’s open til six each weekday evening I think bit it’s open Saturday too.


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